Sunday, June 29, 2008

in session

Hi, people.
I decided to make a public blog, because I want my voice to be heard, but I'm kind of paranoid about publishing everything. So I'll try to keep things professional. This does not need to "out" anyone on any controversial issues they might not want outed. Most importantly, I will curb my sarcasm, so that we can discuss controversy kindly. Let's be online friends. Yay for the internets!
love, Talitha

1 comment:

  1. Hi JD,

    Do you have any limitations on how commenters should behave re. anonymity?
    like is it okay for people to use their own real names, or refer to organizations you may or may not be part of?

    update: it doesn't look like i can comment anonymously, so this is going in using my real name, at least.

    wanting to cooperate nicely,