Tuesday, September 16, 2008

considering -- a career in homewrecking?

Classes have started. I'm on week three. Annnnnnd my classes are awesome. The largest one has 15 students, because I've declared my geekdom now, and joined the world of interaction with doctoral students, and giving presentations, and writing major papers of general import.
But honestly, the issue at hand is not at all academic. The question is -- how do so many boys who couldn't possibly be much that older than I have wedding rings on their hands? The correspondence of attractive faces to bands on the left hand is basically direct, and some of them have babies. Babies?? what are you thinking??
I blame it on Christianity. Not that Jesus intended us all to settle down at an early age, but that Christians have somehow let it seep through... even if we went to a school that allowed us to read novels and dance... that we somehow end up repressed and so everyone looks around at the first opportunity for a nice safe Christian person and ties the knot -- bammo! Apparently the students at a certain seminary in New Jersey collectively celebrated 28 weddings this summer. Hello, isn't that excessive?
So, right, all this is to say my school does not offer the m.r.s. degree, and homewrecking is apparently not a recommended choice of action either. Plus, you'd run the risk of taking on a baby on the bargain!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

knowest thou?

Knowest thou that the internet containeth a multitude of Biblical audio options? Indeed it has come to pass that many persons have used the technology available to them for such purposes.

http://www.audiobibleonline.net/audiobible.aspx for the KJV. I have found that it makes it easy to blur the line between studying and relaxing... to have matthean community theories running through my head while some guy reads that holy gospel to me (archaically) while I knit.