Sunday, November 2, 2008


It seems god DOES want me to go to an internship in podunk-ville, Oregon. Actually it's called Lostine, like a saltine that got lost, and the town is about two inches long. There is a church (est 1888), a general store (est 1907), and a tavern and a coffeeshop, and a few other things. No traffic light... in fact the entire Wallowa County lacks traffic lights completely.

So, I'll be blogging more often, and you will write me more, because I'm going to be very very far away from all of you. I'm really good at blogging when I'm a stranger somewhere. The Prague Blog in 2003 was a big hit, apparently... or at least my grandma SAID all her retirement home friends loved it when she read it aloud to them... The Uganda blog was well-read in 2005, and we even had a website hit counter to prove it by then. But I don't mean that popularity counts. What I mean is that when I don't have real live peers with whom I have long-standing connections living all around me, I use that energy to compose blog posts, and somehow it's satisfying.

Maybe I'll even start winding up now. Tell you about the preparations (I'll need a Serious Jacket, and a car, with snow tires and deer whistles on it) and otherwise distract myself from everyday life at seminary... we'll see.

Anyway, there are several attractions to this internship that really outweigh the risk factor of hitting deer on the road. It's a very flexible position, and I will be creating things most of the time. I will get to garden with developmentally disabled folks as part of a local mission project. Organic garden no less! I get half a dozen teenage girls to pastor at youth group, and they already starting spilling their hearts open to me. There is an apple tree outside and a wood stove inside my house (that's right, I get to stay in the parsonage -- the "real" pastor lives elsewhere). The congregation seems to enjoy a mixed bag of all kinds of musical/liturgical/improvisatory worship styles on Sunday morning, and they sing from their guts. There are cute children, too. And sheep nearby. And among the congregants, diversity of theological opinions with little tension and no fighting about it.
dude, i'm so there. And SO prepared for culture shock! The entire population of this town could probably fit on a small portion of my block back in NYC (which has four traffic lights if you count all the corners).

PS also a natural food store staffed by genuine bearded hippies! Never fear -- I will not have to eat deer all winter long -- I can buy tofu without driving a million miles!

Starting: January sometime. shiver me timbers.

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  1. Hello and WELCOME to the wonderful Wallowa County! I hope you quickly find the warm and welcoming spirit that runs in excess throughout it. I look forward to reading about your experiences here. Again WELCOME!