Monday, November 24, 2008

paper-writing angst

Hopefully the angsty tone of this blog will recover shortly... but as it is I'm stuck in academia and I don't know how to get out.

I have to write a 15-page research paper on salvation in Matthew.
All my ideas are 45 pages long and have no relation to any scholars I could research.

THIS IS YOUR FAULT, GTU!!! because you taught me to think for myself. You taught me to look at texts and ask new questions that no one else answers - you taught me that I can find out answers - connect texts - comment - expand - dig - !!!
and then, what? you ask me to write a 15-page research paper?
Sorry, people. I'm like so totally beyond that.

(and the real problem is I don't have the time to write that 45 pager and condense it to 15. But in an ideal world that's what I'd do.)

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