Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To: go to school

Important lesson to learn in kindergarten: let other people talk too. Sharing isn't just about toys, it's about talktime and teacher-attention. All of these things are finite and desireable THUS ought to be shared evenly around the classroom.
You'd think most people would learn this by the time they hit grad school -- no?


you know what, I'd make a great dictator of the world, if I could just tell everyone how to behave all the time. How about that, God?


  1. ha! i was just talking about the same thing over on my end.... except i was apologizing to the world for talking too much.

    at least i formulate before i speak, and i TRY to keep it short! i have classmates who are seriously stream-of-consciousness in their ramblings, and i just don't care.

    in my final ethics class we had a party and i brought gin. i got blunt. IT WAS VERY JOLLY!

  2. yay!
    what bothers me most is the showoff comments. the "i know so much, ahem, professor, please validate me" comments. I'm cool with, yknow, trying to hash out a troublesome idea.
    Finals, huh. I'm kind of there, but then my prof just announced an unasked for extension which makes me probably too relaxed...