Friday, January 16, 2009

God is so poetic...

"coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous"

I had a big discussion with someone yesterday afternoon, about the willingness to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God. I'm kind of "there" right now as I'm about to uproot and must trust God, must trust, must trust, or I'll have nothing to stand on.
Faith is a muscle - it must be exercised. I decided to start asking myself "am I willing to turn __(some small thing in my way)__ over to God?" [say yes] As in, am I willing to turn over the results of this shopping trip? [say yes] If I can manage the little things I may get up to turning my car over to God (at least, after having turned it over to a mechanic who gave me the go-ahead to do so -- but I still worry there'll be some mysterious problem inside!!) and maybe even turning over the whole move-to-Oregon thing [say yes - at least pretend you mean it - yes]. Maybe someday turning "my life" over.
So I'm going to keep asking myself "Am I willing to hand this over to God?" when i hit the little bumps. I'm going to keep asking "Am I willing?" and I know deep inside me the answer is yes -- so I'm going to keep practicing the asking and the assenting.
This is in the afternoon.

In the evening I show up at choir practice with all this rattling around in my head and God (in the form of our choir director -- she does that!) says "okay, let's sing this song: Yes, Lord, Yes."
Then she says: Talitha, you'll have to sing the solo.
Then she says: This will be the anthem on Sunday.
God!!! thanks for being obvious. Honestly, though, this was a little over the top in obviousness.

The other one -- very poetic, God, thanks for your sense of humor --
was when I took my little macbook to be fixed up by the nice people at the Apple store. The CD drive was dead. They gave it back to me a few days later (I survived 4 agonizing days of not being able to establish internet contact with everyone at any time) and also gave me the *foreign object* they had removed, which had caused the demise of my CD drive. It was a little cross. "Jesus is Lord."
I haven't figured out if this means Jesus is Lord over my petty problems, OR if it means Jesus is trying to derail me from technological life as I know it.

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