Thursday, January 29, 2009


The manse at the church here was purportedly built by the "men of the church" in the 50's. It's got that kind of charm. It could certainly hold a pastor with their family, but for this year it'll just be me. The house is definitely twice the size of the apartment I grew up in (with two sisters and both parents) for the first 13 years of my life. I have a lawn, a garage, a study (shared with the pastor), and an extra bedroom. A view of the mountains. And wild mustangs roam the backyard... just kidding.

The house is Stocked. A list went around the church of "supplies needed for our new intern" and sure enough, now I have 3 sets of sheets and more than enough towels, in addition to the 47 mugs which I believe have just accumulated in the house over the years. Between myself and the pastor we have more than a full set of commentaries in the study (all in different pieces by different authors though). And they've taken care of the little things too.... from a hammer and nails to scrap paper for me to scribble notes on. Someone brought me a basket of candles. Our Local Produce Market Activist gave me an entire box of apples which I'll be cutting into rings and drying over the wood stove.

I have a walk to shovel, a garden to plant, space marked off for me in a local greenhouse, and a thousand books I wasn't able to read during school... funny how school can inhibit your education.
So this is part of the REAL educative process: How to live as if I were an independent adult. How to keep myself busy, to keep my home presentable for guests, to educate myself, feed myself, clean up after myself. I already had an incident with that pesky old-fashioned electric stove, we won't go into details, but suffice it to say it is clear I am working on Basic Life Skills.
San Francisco Theological Seminary, congratulations on finding a way to teach your students practical skills -- field ed., in a field.

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