Monday, February 2, 2009

Day Off!!

On The Domestic Front...

I was so darn domestic today, you'd think I could find someone to pay me for it. To the tune of NPR I swept and vacuumed the whole house, did many loads of laundry, split firewood, got some groceries, cooked, cleaned, folded, ironed, washed the dishes.
(did you notice how casually I slipped in the reference to splitting firewood? don't be fooled, I'm VERY proud of myself for that. I stared at the axe and a large pile of wood for a while before I began, intimidated, but it was much easier than I'd anticipated.) Then I sat by the fire and knitted. Martha Stewart would be proud.
In any case a few modifications are in order. After washing, ironing, and re-placing the tablecloth and placemats on the table, I took a realistic look at them and put them where they belong -- in a drawer. I'm not doing THAT much work just for a pretty table. Ever again.
And something may need to be done about the carpeting in the kitchen. Whose brilliant idea was that??
Anyway, at the end of the day, I'm a little tired, and I miss the community chore wheel with the multiple names around it.

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