Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh Glory be

Dear blog friends,
thank you kindly for bearing with me during my time of limited internet access. I will now be able to read YOUR blogs again, and check on you on facebook, and all the other important activities that constitute online interaction.
NO THANKS to Eoni for refusing to connect me with wireless! But now, thanks to wildblue (internet access "out of the blue") I have a little satellite on the roof, and some wires running around the house, and a modem on my desk, and they're only charging me $5 more than the other folks would have charged for unreliable service. It's not fast (because the info does have to travel a couple thousand miles and back) but it's quite reliable. I have had no time-outs yet. Uploads just chug along steadily until they're done a few minutes later.
I guess i'll miss the general store / wood stove / old guys chatting "internet cafe" scene, so i'm glad i had a little time hanging out with those folks before I got this set up.

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