Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Centrality of Sacraments!

oh people, people, people!!!! I am SO so SO happy right now that I am not the pope. Not that there's a risk of it, really, me being female and all, but what I mean is -- I'm so happy that I'm not a top-down leader who tells people (in a very efficient manner) what to do or how to do it or what to believe about it. I'm very happy that I'm a powerless little intern in a bulky, inconvenient, slow-to-change committee-based church structure. And this is why:

Remember when (not too long ago) I went into fits over the Lord's Supper and how it needs to be celebrated more deeply and more reverently and more often? If I were pope (or bishop, or The Boss) I would have clamped down and instituted more Lord's Suppers.
But since I couldn't, I didn't, and instead I started a Bible Study where I ask people questions and let them talk.
Today was class #3 on the Lord's Supper. We've discussed social issues that show up when we eat together, and we've discussed the Body of Christ / body which is for you / flesh of Christ (what is it? transubstantiation?) and today we discussed Passover and remembrance. And with barely three hours of discussion behind us, the class spontaneously started saying things like "The Lord's Supper needs to be more central in our church" and "We should celebrate it every week" or "we should save it for more special occasions" or "we should do it differently" or "we should do it the same every time" and even (!) "we should have an entire meal with it."
I.E. PEOPLE STARTED CARING or at least SHOWING that they have always cared.

I LOVE communal process.

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