Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You'd think I'd get tired of fundraising

I am NOT TIRED of fundraising even though i've sent oh, a couple hundred facebook messages in the past few days. My kids in Uganda - both the group in the orphanage I served, and the tour performers I traveled with - are so dear to my heart, and I can't think about them without starting to feel ferociously protective. They are great kids, growing out of childhoods of squalor and desperation into mature, confident, educated and healthy young adults. And if I can't be there to check that they polished their shoes, washed their hands before they ate, and understood their homework, at least I can send messages and emails, and post links and blogs, and ALL THIS TIRESOME BUSINESS online -- to make sure that there's money for food this month (Africa never really got out of that "food crisis" that got so much press before our economy tanked -- we just stopped hearing about it in the media) and that their overworked teachers get at least a fair salary.

ahem. that said: there is a fundraising challenge on, and the organization with the most donors ($10 is all we ask from each!) will be awarded $10,000. We are in fourth place and it's growing exponentially. Please, gentle readers, consider a small donation to the cause:
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