Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm in the newspaper!

Alrighty, folks, where I come from, my "local paper" is the New York Times. Yes, my picture has been in it once, but I was a toddler and just provided a shot of "playing outside" to illustrate an article about unseasonably nice weather.
SO I thought it was TERRIFICALLY exciting when a reporter came to our church dinner and took pictures. EVEN MORE EXCITING to see my photo pop up in color! with my name spelled correctly! Not even misquoted!!

my fame:


  1. sounds wonderful!

    why so many meatballs?

  2. because this is a meat-n-potatoes kind of county. I made vegballs. Some people appreciated them, but nobody ate a whole plateful.

    okay even if you can't be ordained a priest you CAN organize church events, i'm right? so this is the secret: if you want to have an event with a menu (not a potluck cuz they look sloppy) you choose a theme and say "everyone bring meatballs" or pasta salads or whatever, this way you have a COHESIVE THEME which you can publish in the tiny local newspaper. in short, that's why so many meatballs.

  3. Oh yes, I can do a great deal in parish ministry without being ordained. Apparently since the Code of Canon Law in 1983 I could even preach, but I'm not holding my breath. I could do all of the sacramental preparation- baptism and marriage prep classes, and run groups and do spiritual care and counselling and a whole bunch of stuff but the whole "saying mass" thing they tend to be sticklers about.

    Although I am really not so inclined to parish ministry, so there you go. Have I told you about my summer ministry placement in a mental health chaplaincy? SO EXCITING.

    OK but why is cohesiveness preferable to looking sloppy? Just that it's impossible to wind up with variety and you'd end up getting almost all meatballs anyway?

    I'm having a crisis of faith over the meatballs thing.

    I really like meatballs, I'm not gonna lie.