Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Rockjacks of Wallowa County, or, why you should be glad I don't have a slide projector

When I grow up and become a great-aunt, with anciently long white hair and lots of quirks that embarrass my relatives, I am going to sit everyone down and show them a slideshow (or whatever analogously out-of-date technology we could use in 2063) of the Rockjacks of Wallowa County, because I find them fascinating and apparently everyone else is not really all that interested. So it sounds like a good way to oppress my great-nephews and great-neices.

a ROCKJACK is when you're putting fence up in some really scratchy poor-quality land that has only a little bit of topsoil, and there's not enough soft earth to send a post down, so you build a thingymajigy, drag a ton of rocks over, and create something heavy and strong that won't move and will hold up the post you wanted to put in the ground.
Out on the Zumwalt prairie near here, the ground is so poor that they use rockjacks every five posts or so. IMAGINE how hard it was to fence in your land!
What, are you yawning already? children, children, this is interesting stuff!

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