Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rockjack World Championship

A most auspicious event took place here this weekend: the Rockjack Building World Championship. Yes, that's right, world championship. Some of you may have missed my earlier blog on the Great Rockjacks of Wallowa County, and you may not even know what rockjacks are... the quick explanation is that they are a creative way to put up fence where the ground is too thin or rocky for a fencepost to stick in it. They are a Wallowa County specialty, although they spread to other parts of Oregon and Idaho, but apparently people as far away as Wyoming are unacquanted with their construction. So really, folks, this is the epicenter.
At today's local Stockgrowers' Association meeting/rodeo/shindig, after the cattle branding competition and before the cowdog trials, we hosted the world championship in Rockjack construction. Each of the men began with a single long log, a pile of rocks, and a handful of nails. No power tools were used. They were judged 50% on quality/durability, and 50% on speed (the fastest was - I believe - 13 minutes).
First you split your log, and start constructing a triangle:

then start putting rocks on it:

when you finish you nail your nametag on it:

and i believe the right-most one is the WORLD CHAMPION ROCKJACK, built in 13 minutes or so???! Be amazed, people, stand in awe.

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  1. Totally awesome. Too bad I missed that... I saw something about it in the paper.