Friday, September 18, 2009

simple discovery

I'm glad I learn things the hard way. If I had bought a "teen curriculum" for youth group, well not only would I (1) be frustrated with its simplicity and (2) rebel against the "fun activities" it suggests, but I never would have discovered how effective drama can be.

We're going through the Gospel of Luke. Usually we read a chapter and discuss it with some interesting questions I've come up with. Yesterday, at my wits end for "interesting questions," I just went ahead and did what everyone else advised: act out the story.
And I discovered that acting out a story gives about 400% more VITALITY than reading it off the page. That yes, the youth will groan a little "do we have to?" but as soon as they've acted it out they'll be connected to the story in a way never possible with simple reading.

If I'd had a curriculum, we would have been acting things out from the beginning, and I never would have known just how valuable it is.

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