Tuesday, October 20, 2009


oh boy oh boy oh boy. We get Presbytery WITHOUT TRAVELING -- they are coming to US! Many Presbies, at least in urban places, have presbytery meetings once a month, and they are full of Work and Controversy, and people hate going to them. Here in the Northeast corner of Oregon, we have meetings three times a year, and they are exciting because they are some of our very few chances for pastors to hang out with one another. But they are slightly a drag because you have to drive miles and miles and miles annd miiiiiles. Thus the excitement of having Presbytery come to us!
The Lostine Presbyterian Church is all a-tizzy about the impending arrival of many pastors and elders at the end of this week. Postcards keep arriving, addressed to the "Presbytery Arrangements Committee" (basically, me and Iva.) I am duly excited.
Some upcoming highlights:
Cooking and feeding!
Spiffing up our grounds for our esteemed visitors!
Pressing Apple Cider with all the kids!
Graceful and skillful moderation!
Robert's Rules!
Homestays with new friends!
Worshipping with a big crowd of confident hymnsingers!

and I don't know if I'm actually allowed to report this on a blog, but we may or may not be welcoming (i.e. voting and approving of) new pastors for a church that has been vacant for a while. And they may or may not be two ubercool kids who YAVved and Peace Corpsed before marrying and heading this-away. I may or may not be EXCEEDINGLY excited to meet them. Stay tuned.

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