Sunday, November 15, 2009

On Leaving - part II

Well, that was very a well-thought-through theological reflection, wasn't it?
On the other hand: and straight from the gut:
I am going to miss this place something serious... these mountains, this land, this church, and all these people. It really hasn't quite hit me. Tears in a parishioner's eyes this morning, and public acknowledgments both before and after our final Amahl performance tonight, and a couple more casual acquaintances saying "I guess I won't see you before you leave," and when is it really going to make sense that I am leaving this amazing place and people? Nothing in me is ready for it. It may end up being one of those brace-for-impact crash leavings.

twenty three more days, and I fly the nest on little snow-tired suburu wings.

In sung form:

David LaMotte's Farewell Show at The Grey Eagle - "Song For You" (11.29.08) 5/5 at Listal
For Pete's sake don't listen to him chat for 4 minutes. The song starts around 4:15. David LaMotte, "Song For You"

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