Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Sermonating and Tweeting

My friend Josh declared on facebook this morning that he was going to be a "Desert Father" for the purposes of writing his sermon, i.e. forcing himself into seclusion to better focus on the word. Inspired by these high ideals but far from the desert, I called myself a Library Mother, gathered my books around me like children, and (gasp) turned off the modem for 5 & 1/2 hours today.

then i had things to say
urges to post
funny comments that needed to be laughed at
i picked up my phone, looked at it
thought about activating Twitter for the phone so I could have access
told the cat my funny comments and got no reaction

Conclusion: living alone is hard enough. I think I will Not Opt for Solitude as a lifelong practice.

annnnd here are all the funny things i wanted to say: because i wrote them down. internet is back on again. If I'd had twitter on the phone, this is what would have summarized my day.


Thank God for a TDNT in the church library, and why didn't I look there before...

excuse me, WHO refers to the Holy Spirit in the masculine?? LONG standing tradition has (it) as a (she).

Has now gone through disorientation and new orientation, with soul vs Spirit, one's spirit vs The Spirit. ψυχη vs πνευμα (nothing to do with he-Spirit vs she-Spirit, i still hang with she-Spirit)

looped a lowry and i'm only halfway done! is a double lowry loop an acceptable sermon form?

TWELVE SONGS about the Holy Spirit in a collection of 589 hymns. TWELVE.

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