Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amtrakking it with a collar on

As I have mentioned before, everyone says you should never wear Clerical Collars on public transportation. But I have discovered that everyone seems to have different reasons for this statement. One is that "you'll never get a moment alone" busy helping people in existential crises. The other is that "everyone will avert their eyes and avoid you" noting the baggage that church service carries with it. Between these two extremes there must be some reality, and I'm out to find it. I am also anticipating that wearing the collar will (1) convince people I'm older than twelve (yes, an issue), and (2) increase my self-consciousness as a Christian leader.
I do, for various reasons, take Amtrak, and even across the country. I'm departing today and will arrive in New York on Saturday. I have four shirts with tab collar slots in them, thanks to Goodwill and a sewing machine. I am going to wear these for the next few days and find out what it does to me.
I was going to tweet the episode, considering that twitter is BUILT for these kinds of interactions, but then I was added by several people who have upwards of 11000 friends and who constantly tweet coupons and special deals... and so I said, says I, this is bunk, I'm just going to use Facebook Mobile. Facebook friends, stay tuned! And I promise to summarize here at the end =)

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