Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm off on another leg of my epic Christmas vacation...
I realize, this is not what many people consider a "normal" vacation. I'm not hitting the tourist spots, not seeing *many* sights, spending wayy too long stretching out in train seats...
what I am is seeing people. Next up, visiting a KID for whom I was camp counselor back in the day (well I guess she's not a kid anymore) who then became a counselor at the same camp. Friends from SYI next, and a very awesome Ndagire I met in Uganda, and in this scheme there will also be a folk dancing friend with whom I shall meditate for several days in silence. at a monastery. I'm not joking.

Also, collar-wearing on a train, at least sometimes.

You're free to take bets on whether or not this will actually be a FUN vacation, or RELAXING, but hey, I just relaxed all year long in a perfect vacation location. I'm ready to roll!

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