Monday, March 29, 2010


I've picked up a new habit, on clear and warm nights, of sleeping in the hammock in the backyard. You sway in the breeze.
I had a spring break... some of which was ridiculous amounts of driving. But SOME of which was camping, and many bonfires, and beach time and woods time. I climbed several trees. My favorite was a pine out by Julian, CA... a tall and thin one, on a windy day, and I became part of the wind as it rocked the branches up there.
Also, on the shorter side of things -- citrus trees are flowering and ripening in southern CA. The scent is a-ma-zing.


  1. amazing :) let's get a hammock for trinity... i'd be in it daily ;)

  2. Yeah, when I was swinging in that hammock surrounded by the orange was heaven! :-)