Monday, May 31, 2010


so i haven't written in a while. I could excuse myself in that i'm hobbling around on crutches, and there are just less hours in the day when it takes 15 minutes to get dressed. But i'm trying not to do the self-pity route.

REALLY, then, the reason I haven't written is because all my mental energy has been consumed with writing two thoroughly mind-blowing papers. Dear Dr. Balch gave me an extension (on both papers) and for that I am eternally grateful, because it has given me the opportunity to have my mind blasted to bits, which wouldn't have happened, you know, if I rushed the papers in two weeks ago & half-assed. I've had a nice two weeks reading heretics, feminists, and textual apparata... a rougher time trying to wrangle the papers down to 12 pages, as they each aspired to 20 or more and had to be harshly sliced up (not to mention undergoing ferocious attacks in font, margin, and spacing)... and a delicious time thinking about What This All Means for me and my relationship to the texts I hold sacred. When I pick up all the far-flung pieces of my mind, I'll report back, so stay tuned. =)

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