Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 things I DON'T love about General Assembly #ga 219

1) Fighting the raging desire to be 18 places at once. Slightly better than 2 weeks ago at the US Social Forum, where I wanted to be a full 50 places at each hour of the day, but still a source of significant gnashing of teeth on my part.

2) Confronting the fact that collectively, we are a multibillionaire, and that it’s a drop in the bucket to spend a couple million on our grand Assembly.... when our Savior and Boss said “sell all you have and give it to the poor,” and while I’m looking for role models in the effort to take him seriously.

3) Polarization. 49-51% votes, winner take all. Winning. Losing. Knowing that some commissioners read speeches pre-written by advocacy groups (whether left or right).

4) Staying in fancy hotels. I may be channeling the spirit of my Quaker grandmother... who, when placed in a hospice facility for the final days of her life, though nearly blind, was able to see clearly enough to pronounce the chandeliers “too fancy” and petition for a less decorated room. Also, I’m reading Dorothy Day, who believed there was “always enough for one more if everyone takes a little less” – whether food at supper, or blankets on the floor.
Anyway, I oscillated rapidly between basking in luxury on my double bed with 347200 count cotton sheets, and questioning my beloved Church – did you really have to buy this for me?

5) Looking for healthy food. I wondered if one could get scurvy in a week. Actually, this will be a whole nother blog post. Upcoming.

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