Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey folks,
I might have another blog or two in me regarding the awesome HEART trip, BUT the next item of business, closely approaching, is General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Minneapolis MN! I arrived way too early this morning, and God bless the Hilton for giving me early check-in before 7 AM. I proceeded to nap all morning, and finally ventured out to find a farmers' market not three blocks from the hotel! Orientation as an "assistant" begins today. Most of the assistants are doing gopher stuff. Me being on crutches, I suppose we'll find less running-around types of activities for me to be helpful with. And of course there's always helping folks with the online system pc-biz, which I am CLEARLY qualified to help with, because I navigated to the website already. Nevermind forgetting my password, and other failures of technology. Hopefully that'll get straightened out before I try to help others =)

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  1. See you in a couple days Talitha. Get there tomorrow afternoon. I am in the Hyatt