Monday, August 9, 2010


hey, i'm behind on the blogworld - sorry. My life goes on, (in endless song), with much German to learn, which is distracting me. At this point, 3/4 through a 4 week intensive, I'm confident of passing the final and thus of qualifying to start my MA thesis in New Testament... but I am much less convinced of my ability to play in the academic sandbox with such a majority of biblical scholars working in German. My German instructor is rigorous, yes. She introduced the class with the memorable words "the structure of this class is, we begin every morning at nine, and we go until you faint" ... but she's turning out to be very kind and not too harsh after all. My thesis advisor, on the other hand, is in a whole 'nother world of demandingness, as she told me that after this summer she will no longer use English with me -- German exclusively.
All this to say, I'm busy.

BUT I am still reading and thinking in English, and I made some new feminist blog-friends over at Elizabeth Esther's Saturday Evening Blog Post which I didn't get to on Saturday evening, because I was singing sea chanties on a ship, which is just how much my life rocks.


  1. ahahahaaaa and i suddenly have gray hairs coming in =)