Thursday, October 28, 2010

barnyard leadership

So this blog got reviewed in Presbyterians Today, and they included a little pic of farmer talitha:
They gave it a caption - "church leadership in her future?" And one might think, yes! in some kind of barn-church.

Right. So the word "pastor" means "shepherd" as in sheep. In fact that small animal in my arms is not a sheep but a goat, long-standing symbol in Christian literature of an outsider/bad person, as in fact are dogs (and Samaritans). Score. Pastor to the less than perfectly sheepish. I could live with that.
But I was reminded that my sister & brother-in-law have definitely got me beat in terms of ministering to the less stereotypical flocks. They did a brief stint in Uganda as pig missionaries.
So if you ever tire of the sappy Christian songs about shepherding, or just DON'T WANNA BE A SHEEP, rest assured that my family has got the rest of the barnyard metaphors covered.


  1. Hey T- can you post the link to where the blog was actually reviewed by Presbyterians Today? I tried the link and it went to another article about using facebook and twitter in church...

  2. uhhhhhhh, nope. they apparently don't archive or at least don't perma-link their articles. guess what, they're secretly all luddites.

  3. PS BIG HUG MOLLY!!!! i miss you =)

  4. It's no secret that they're luddites! Drives me crazy.