Thursday, October 21, 2010


I got to be madam moderator for a whole hour on Tuesday, while my polity classmates and I examined two candidates for ordination and membership in the Presbytery of Mock. It was a fun presbytery, made up of minister members from such churches as "Heritage Presbyterian Church of Narrowville" and "Happy Presbyterian Church of Sunnyside" and "the church of we never dress up on sundays."
It was simple work... our candidates were eminently ordainable, no one wanted to interrogate them on their understanding of church governance. We didn't even have any points of order raised, and I got the sneaky feeling that not everybody there thought Robert's Rules were the funnest thing since skip-its.
It's ok. I read Roberts Rules for fun. G-E-E-K.
I embrace that about myself.

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  1. I don't think examination for ordination is complete without screaming and bloodshed.

    Actually, given all the anxiety I experienced about it, mine was downright cozy, and I was genuinely surprised.