Monday, December 27, 2010

No More Singing Telegrams

I am so, so, so done. The last few days tested my endurance, as I did 4 or so each day while last-minute orders came in. Although a few days before I'd been wondering if I could find a way to do singing telegrams professionally & full-time, I definitely hit my "max" and fizzled out. They are all available on my youtube if you're concerned about missing any of them.
The good news is that this project raised $500+ for Children of Uganda's music and dance program, and is going straight to the work on the ground in Uganda as our dance troupe has a special training over December and January break, in getting ready for a September 2011 Tour.

The blizzard has hit New York, where I'm spending Christmas. We had great fortune - left the city just as it started, had some fun up in Albany with a lighter snowfall (12"), and then came back as the sun shone and as people dug their cars out. New Yorkers are so WEIRD - they shovel snow by tossing it away from their car and into the center of the road. One, this means you can barely drive. Two, the snowplow comes and shovels it right back on the car, and then they have an excuse to bitch and moan - is this why they do it? or they just don't understand the principles of shoveling? Anyway, we were planning to find a vacant parking space and spend an hour or so digging the snow out so we could park our car there, but by some amazing luck we found one that had JUST been vacated - and no snowplow had come by - meaning we slid into a pre-dug parking spot, right across from our house. Sweet deal.

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