Saturday, December 4, 2010

Presenting: Singing Telegrams

This is my FUN fundraising program for Children of Uganda. All donations will support our music & dance program as they prepare for a 2011 performance tour.

To ORDER a singing telegram, you should simultaneously
1) Donate at (specifying it's for a singing telegram)
2) send me an email at talitha ((at)) childrenofuganda //dot// org

Sacred songs, secular songs, Christmas carols, and sea chanteys are all options.

If you live nearby / are my friend, I can do them in-person, but anyone can get one through YouTube - completely personalized, or I can make a video that's not posted, and send it to you through email.

Sliding scale depending on what you can afford and what features you want. $25 is the basic price. If I'm delivering it in person, please add to your donation at least as much as I'll spend in gas to get there. And if you are MORE generous with your donation you may receive bonuses in the forms of lights, costumes, background singers, etc.

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